The Posada

On 1st. December - the First Sunday in Advent,  Mary & Joseph  set out on their journey, receiving hospitality from church members and friends each night to Christmas Day.   You can view their journey here, day by day.

1st. December

Posada - Mary  Joseph arriving at Ralph  Josies homePosada - Mary  Joseph set out


          Mary & Joseph set out on their journey                                                                     Arriving at Ralph & Josie`s home

Mary & Joseph at Monday Care, Share and Prayer 2nd. December

Mary & Joseph at Monday Care, Share and Prayer

Monday Care, Share and Prayer Group

         3rd. December

Front row seats.... keen as mustard....On the was to Local Preachers and Worship leaders meeting

 On the way to the Local Preachers & Worship Leaders meeting...      ......Font row seats.....keen as mustard

                                                                                                  Nite All...

Nite All ...

Party time at the Bastins4th. December

At lunch with people from Knapton, Trunch and Mundesley

Party Time
at the Bastins

Lunch with people from Knapton, Trunch and Mundesley

5th. December

Thursday Care, Share & Prayer - Mary &  Joseph singing with usMary & Joseph at the Wesley Guild with Simcha

 Thursday Care, Share and Prayer -                                                      
Mary & Joseph singing with us                                                                then visiting the Wesley Guild & Simcha

6th. December
Mary & Joseph spent time at the Friday Prayer Group this morning

Time at the Friday Prayer Group this morning

7th. December

Joseph & Mary enjoyed doing some craft work making beaded starsThey felt peckish!

Joseph & Mary enjoyed doing some craft work and made beaded stars

            ...and then felt peckish!

And after their busy week,  fell asleep on the settee !

After a busy day, they fell asleep on the settee

8th. December

Emailing their friends about their journeyWorshipping at Gresham Chapel

   After emailing their friends about their journey so far,                    Mary & Joseph were welcomed and enjoyed worship at                                                                                                                         Gresham Chapel

9th. December

Posada 9Posada 9c


This morning Mary & Joseph joined in the Fellowship Choir


Mary & Joseph  were travelling across Beeston Common

10th. December - The Mayor of Sheringham meets Mary & Joseph

The Mayor of Shringham meets Mary & JosephWaiting for the Ladybirds Nativity play

Mary & Joseph waiting for the Ladybird Nursery Nativity Play

Watching the Nativity Play

The mayor of Sheringham meets Mary & Joseph


   Doing some shopping then helping with dinner

Helping with DinnerDoing the Washing up

At the Ladies Group listening to talk on Suzanna WesleyHelping with mince pies at the Ladies Group


Listening to a talk at the Ladies Group about Suzanna Wesley


Helping with the mince pies at the ladies Group

11th. December - Mary & Joseph travelling on

Posada 11

Posada 11aPosada 11a

With their overnight host for day 11

December 12 to Day 13

Posada 12-13Posada 12 - 13

The hosts of day 12 introduce Mary & Joseph to their host for day 13, at the Coffee Morning,  
 and Mary & Joseph meet Rev. Pauline 

13th. December
Posada 13aPosada 13b

After leaving the Traidcraft stall at the coffee morning,  Mary and Joseph went shopping in town. 

  First to the Butchers, where one of the butchers came out to talk to them,

Posada 13c

Their next stop was Boots Chemist before going to collect their Methodist Recorder from Starlings Newsagents

Posada 13d

Posada 13e

Posada 13h

Next they went to the Health food shop and then on  to Tesco`s before going to have a look at the sea and sheltered by some rocks  from the wind

Posada 13hPosada 13i 
They then took their shopping home, before going to deliver Gresham Chapel`s Carol service details to the lady who does the music

Posada 13jPosada 13j

A busy Day!

December 14th.

Posada 14aPosada 14b

Mary & Joseph  took some time out to enjoy playing music

December 15th.
Posada 15a

What an exciting day Mary and Joseph have had. Helping to wash up after coffee at church and then joining the family trip to the pantomime at Sheringham Little Theatre

Posade 15b

Posada 15e

Posada 15f(left) 
Time to take our seats

with members of the pantomime cast

December 16th.
Posada 16aPosada 16bPosada 16d

After a busy weekend, Mary catches up with the blanket she`s been knitting for the baby, while Joseph relaxes with  a good book, before researching their onward journey.  
(They`re not sure what to make of the jolly chap in the red suit!)

Posada 16c

December 17th.
`Joy to the World`

Posada 17aPosada 17b

December 18th.
Posada 18a
Posada 18b

Today Mary and Joseph went to the        Do-Drop In Christmas Christmas Party, where they met Angel Gabriel who tells their story.   

They then hitched a ride on Santa`a trolley of presents.

December 19th.
Posada 19a

Joseph & Mary enjoyed Coffee Time at Shannock Court, 
before going shopping at the Salvation Army shop.   
They then returned for tea at Shannock Court before the Christmas Sing-a-long there

Posada 19bPosada 19c

December 20th.
Posada 20a

Posada 20cPosada 20bMary & Joseph stood and admired the big Christmas Tree.

They then pulled a cracker and Joseph hoped for a kiss!

21st. December

Posada 21aPosada 21bAnother busy day for our couple..

Mary and Joseph helping with the housework

Mary would appreciate one of these, much more comfortable than a donkey!

Mary & Joseph visiting Mary
Posada 21c

24th. December 

Posada 24aPosada 24e

Mary helped to decorate the Christmas cake.....

Then, she joined Joseph in taking Christmas presents to friends

Posada 24iPosada  24j

Joseph decided that he would like to do some baking so made some pastry to make some sausage rolls

He asked Mary for advice as to whether they were cooked!

Posada 24gPosada 24o

Posada 24pThey enjoyed the results of Joseph`s baking, and then relaxed for the evening after watching  `Carols from Kings`s 

Posada 24

Christmas Day - 25th. December

Christmas Day - Mary & Joseph

The Special Day arrived