Dig for Victory

Our Harvest Festival in September 2017 was linked with the 40`s weekend in the town, and many of the congregation and visitors came to join us in their 40`s outfits.

Harvest 14 - 2017

Deacon Brenda Hayes who led the service, took the theme of "Dig for Victory", which included our guest 40`s singer, Rachel Eyre, who took part in the service and entertained with 40`s songs at the Open Air Celebration on the Church lawn following the service. 

Harvest 12 - 2017

Harvest 1 - 2017

Harvest 3 - 2017

Harvest 7 - 2017

Harvest 6 - 2017

Harvest 30 - 2017

Following the service 40`s style refreshments were served on the church lawn to both congregation and to all who passed by.  The fare included, vegetable soup, spam sandwiches, bully beef sandwiches, rock buns etc....

Harvest 26 - 2017

Harvest 40 - 2017

Harvest 34 - 2017

Harvest 33 - 2017

Harvest 21 - 2017

Flower Arrangers had produces beautiful arrangements
to display the produce

Harvest 23 - 2017

Harvest 38 - 2017

Harvest 39 - 2017

"All Good Gifts Around Us
are sent from heaven above
Then thank the Lord, O thank the Lord,
for All his Love."

A full church celebrated  harvest thanksgiving in the midst of the popular 40s weekend in Sheringham which we aptly entitled ‘Dig for Victory’ Many members of the congregation as well as visitors from various parts of the country came along in 40s dress to reflect the war years, augmented by sound and video clips of devastation and trains carrying evacuees. Together with Rachel Eyre, a professional singer who specialises in songs from the 40s, throughout the service we were reminded that God calls us to live in community, celebrating the contributions made by unsung heroes during war time Britain from Bevin Boys and Land girls, conscientious objectors, church workers and  a gardener who recounted in the Norfok Dialect how he had heeded the call to ‘Dig for victory’ through digging up his prize chrysanthemums and growing vegetables instead! Paramount was the victory bought by Jesus and offered freely to his people both in times of war and peace.


Following the service we spilled out on to the lawn in front of the church where a marquee had been erected. Whilst Rachel sang war-time favourites, we gave away spam or bully beef sandwiches and homemade vegetable soup to passers-by who came to join in the lively atmosphere. Such was the success of this new initiative, we plan to build on it by making the whole weekend a significant part of our 50th anniversary plans next year.

Deacon Brenda Hayes