Flower Festival 2010

"Take my Hands......"

Enjoy these views of all the Floral Arrangements


Above is a slide show of all the arrangements from this year`s Festival

and below

A slide show of General Views of the Festival

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Dear Friends

Welcome to this year`s flower festival.  An enormous thank you to all the flower arrangers and staff as they depict this year’s theme “Take my hands"

The theme is taken from the words of the famous hymn written by Miss Frances R Havergal (1874). After a few days of sharing her faith with a group at Areley House, Frances expressed that “all had received great blessing”!  The author commented that the words leapt onto the page.

‘Take my hands, and let them move, at the impulse of thy love’…..  The hymn continues to have great meaning to Christians today.

Once called the instrument of instruments, the human hand knows no boundaries, creating, welcoming, celebrating, comforting and healing.

Once faced with a leper, Jesus, moved with pity, stretched out his hand and touched the man, granting the healing that he so desperately needed. At the climax of his ministry, Jesus would stretch out his hands on the cross to offer healing to the  world.

I pray that you may find the opportunity  to pause, reflect and give thanks for the many handprints to be discovered throughout this festival.

Every blessing  

Revd Colin Sherwood


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Thank you to all who supported this year`s Festival
the grand total raised, from Stalls, Catering, and Donations is


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