Flower Festival 2022

Our Harvest Flower Festival  1st. - 2nd. October
(This was the first festival held after the 2 years of not holding them because of Covid)

`Giving Thanks for Harvest`
2022 - Harvest Flower Festival - general

1. All Good Gifts Around Us2. The Diary of a Church Mouse

(left) All Good Gifts Around us
(right) The Diary of a Church Mouse

3. Sharing the Harvest4. Sharing the Harvest (2)

      Sharing the Harvest - Spot the difference from the start to the end of the Festival !

3. From Greenhouse and Garden5. Harvest of the Sea


      (L) From Greenhouse and Garden 
(R) Harvest of the Sea

7. The Fruits of Creation8. Harvest from the Ground

 (L) The Fruits of His Creation 
 (R) Harvest from the Ground

6. Daily Bread9. `Bees`

 (L) Our Daily Bread
  (R) Bees

Pedestal 110.  All Around me

All Around me Lord,
I see your goodness

  Praise God from whom all blessings flow

We give grateful thanks to Everyone who helped with the Festival
 and all who came to see it.

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