Flower Festival 2011

"A World Of Colour"

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Here are just a few of the many comments we received from visitors to this year`s Festival: -


WE ASKED PEOPLE WHAT WERE THEIR FIRST IMPRESSIONS AS THEY ENTERED THE FESTIVAL:  Colour;   Friendly and moving;   Magnificent;   Very welcoming;  Spectacular;  Awe inspiring;  Spiritually uplifting;  A pleasure to behold;  Stunning;  Fantastic out of this world


THOUGHTS ON THE THEME:   Beautifully interpreted;  Uplifting;  Exciting;
Well thought out and presented; Quite good, glad you kept a Biblical theme;  Thought some arrangers had interpreted the colour much better than others;  Great! Wonderful research;  In some ways easy to portray but interesting angles taken e.g. colours of paint/stained glass – well done.  Very original;  Well interpreted, comments in programme interesting;  Very interesting, lovely flowers.


THE CAFETERIA:  Tasty cake, refreshing cuppa;  Excellent value and taste;  very good selection;  Delicious homemade scones and cake;   Excellent food and swiftly served;  Excellent organisation; Please provide mayonnaise with salad lunch, salad cream has too strong a taste; Very good meal;
Absolutely delicious the ladies are to be congratulated;   
Bread – success!  Salads fresh and appetising, delicious desserts;  Friendly service; 
Excellent well presented.  Health and safety would be proud!! ;  Welcoming good food and service.


THE STALLS:  Always interesting;  A variety, well set out;  Like everything, so well organised;  Good variety, reasonable prices;  lots of bargains;  Pleased with trade fair and Christmas cards;  Jewellery and soap was interesting;  Quizzes good; 
All very well laid out, no pressure to purchase, some lovely things to buy; 
Loved the soap, bought several and good value for money; 
Very good selection of goods, some talented crafts people here.  Friendly helpers;  Handmade cards too cheap!;  Good variety this year.


GENERAL COMMENTS:  Thank everyone involved for all their hard work;    
Will be back next year;     Gets better every year;
We were impressed with the quality of flowers and the originality of ideas;  
Was made welcome and all questions answered;   
Beautiful arrangements and colour and so fresh and top condition.  My only regret, I didn`t bring my camera.  Thank you all.  Fantastic. ; 
The “rainbow” is fantastic.  What a lot of hard work and effort all round. Congratulations.

We love Sheringham and often visit, but have not been to St. Andrew`s before.  We shall certainly note future dates and come again if at all possible.  All the displays were beautifully arranged with some inspired ideas.  We hope some people will have picked up some of God`s work while looking round.

The Festival – so enjoyable.  The atmosphere, friendly.  The church lends itself to the lovely displays and everyone works so hard to make it so successful.  I would call it a mini “Chelsea” and look forward to next year.  Many, many thanks.

We found the commentary with each display very thoughtful and prayerful – also relevant to life today. Enjoyed background organ music too.  Congratulations to all involved – a wonderful coming together of talents of flower arranging, catering and hospitality.

The Festival introduced us to a church we had never been in before.  A very friendly atmosphere very welcoming.  Obviously well supported by a great group of ladies.

 Well organised – professional displays, delightful church.  The links between the “colours” and God`s messages were well thought out.    Thank you.

Words fail.   What a lovely place to come and worship the Lord.   Thank you.



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