50th Anniversary Logo

50th Anniversary Year Logo

With our church named St. Andrew`s having within it`s building symbolism of the sea.  (see About the Church) and St. Andrew being a fishermen it seemed appropriate to use the old Christian well recognised symbol of the Fish as the base of our logo for our 50th. Church Anniversary Year.  

The wording around the logo is not a solid oval but broken allowing the fish to enter from the left - indicating the earlier Methodists of Sheringham and the former chapels (see History page) - and then to exit by the right showing movement through the last 50 years, as indicated by the dates, and going on into the future.  The angle of the Fish and its shape portray movement and going forward.

In the tail of the Fish the Cross can be clearly seen, the centre of our faith, and speaks of going out as disciples from Christ, into the future, taking with us the news of God`s love for all people. 

The Logo was put together by our Church Steward, Rosa, for our 50th. Anniversary Year